101 Services provides you with a team of agents trained to carry out quality of the loads of your delivery vehicles on many sites in France.


Regular loading checks provide a real guarantee of the quality of your deliveries and 101 Services guarantees a reduction in parcel losses and more satisfied customers.


With 101 Services, you opt for a partnership certifying that the loading of your
trucks will always meet your expectations with the exact number of packages in perfect condition.


101 Services helps you meet the constant challenge of transport and good delivery of parcels thanks to an effective control at the time of departure of your vehicles.

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101 services

Your partner to guarantee the quality of the shipment of your packages.

Our jobs

Quality control agent, load controller, traffic agent, Covid 19 temperature measurement control… and other key roles for your business.


Would you like to join our team? Check out our vacancies and contact us!

101 services at your service

A need for information, a specific request for your controls and the management of packages?

Write to us and let us know your request.

A team at
your service

Listening to you: a dedicated contact manages daily monitoring and provides reports to
your services.

Available: we travel throughout France to meet you and maintain the link and cohesion between our agents and your teams on site.

The advantages of 101 services

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